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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Sapporo Beer Garden

 Sapporo Beer Garden

The Sapporo Beer Garden is the only place where you can taste all of Hokkaido's greatest foods at one location.

 Built in the year 23 of the Meiji era, it served as a government office building when the government was sending pioneers to Hokkaido. This profound historical building has an atmosphere that will give you an unique feeling every time you set foot inside.

A giant kessel(or cauldron) from the Taisho period reaches toward the high ceiling of the beer hall where you can eat barbequed mutton on hot plates shaped like Hokkaido, and drink down the delicious draft beer.

Many of our guests who have visited and dined here have exclaimed; " Huge! It is a huge beer hall!", " The ceiling is really high!"" This space is great!".