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Friday, February 18, 2011

Hokkaido Shrine in Japan

Hokkaido Shrine

The history of   Hokkaido Shrine

This Hokkaido Shrine( Jingu) enshrines three dieties for the reclamaition oh Hokkaido. The reclamation of Hokkaido was begun when the Meiji Restoration succeeded.
Emperor Meiji selected protecting deities of the reclamation of Hokkaido and enshrined them in this shrine in 1869.
Hokkaido used to be called "Ezo" the name oh one of the groups of Ainu. The Meiji Government changed it to Hokkaido in 1869. "Hokkaido" means "road for the north sea".
Every reclamation decision of Hokkaido (except the southern area, i.e, Matsumae,Hakodate) began from here.

Hokkaido is cold regions. In the winter, snow